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MOH-RNE Training

MOH (Ministry of Health)

Nursing professionals who seek to work in UAE must appear for MOH (Ministry of Health) examination and get qualified for work in UAE. Passing the MOH you are allowed to work in 5 emirates of UAE except Dubai and Abu Dhabi. To work in Dubai and Abu Dhabi Nurses should pass DHA (Dubai Health Authority), HAAD (Health Authority of Abu Dhabi) examination respectively and get qualified.
For MOH examination there is no particular syllabus advised for the exam, Nurses have to prepare depends on their specialty. This is an online exam consist multiple choice of questions. A candidate can only sit the exam three times. Medtreat international had organized very good study materials to provide successful coaching for these tests. If a candidate does not pass in three attempts, she/he will be disqualified for any post in the Ministry or private. But nonqualified candidates can work in clinics where usually the salary is law. To attend MOH examination overseas nurses should have Diploma or Degree in nursing and registration in home country and should have minimum 5 months post registration experience. The time, venue and exact date will be notified by exam committee one day prior the exam.

MOH-RNE at Medtreat international

We offer Coaching for nurses under the guidance of well experienced professional trainers. Classes are offered regular full time base or part time base. The well qualified teachers help the students to develop skills needed to pass the examination. To prepare exam comprehensive ranges of study materials written by expert authors are available from world largest publishing companies. In addition to this the faculty members of Medtreat international have to develop intensive model study materials focused on MOH examination. This will help to score good marks in MOH examinations. During the training period we provide model tests, which helps to analyze and overcome the stressful situations. Our model test trains students to face the most challenging of situations. All batches are scheduled with fixed number of students in order to ensure personal attention.

Method of Training

MOH-RNE is a test based on nursing theory it assesses skills in nursing on professional contest. Our training comprises Preparation level Class and Intensive level Class (Crash Batch).

  • Preparation level: New students joined provided preparation class for familiarizing them to UAE ministry of health Registered Nurse Examination. During this period students will get detailed training in the entire nursing subject focused on examination.
  • Intensive Level: After preparation stage, the students will start Intensive training according to MOH-RNE system. We use computerized online training and in this class students are given training used on numerous questions prepared from nursing books and journals. Students have to answer these questions themselves and get improved in exam contest. But Students unable to give answer or find answers will get additional training and advise and thus they become qualified for exam. Candidates will have model tests every Saturday similar to the MOH-RN exam. The results are given according to the MOH-RNE system. Students are given correction and assessment after their test and provided care and attention on modules they find difficult. Once the candidates obtain a required score that is stable during all the tests, the trainer will advise him/her to apply for the exam. Others will be retained till they improve their performance.

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