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Unique Method


Our unique teaching method is the key to make language learning a success at our centers. It is based on decades of practice, exposure and experience in language training and is continually being developed to match the needs of a changing world. The principles of this method are quite simple and make it easy for learners of any level.

Learners have different learning requirements.

We test your language level before you start learning. It helps us understand your learning requirement. Even though you join a small group of learners whose level of English matches yours, you will be assessed separately. This makes each learner feel ‘equal’ and therefore comfortable with all other learners.

Learn by speaking.

At Medtreat, a learner is encouraged to speak in the language he or she intends to learn. Class is not only about lectures and answering your questions. Students take up almost 70 percent, if not more ‘talk time’ in class.

Encourage not criticize.

Instructors help you build confidence in the language by encouraging you to speak. They do not criticize you for making mistakes. You are expected to ask questions and clear your doubts every step of the way. You are guided and encouraged to correct yourself.

Small groups

Each Medtreat class consists of not more than 10 students. This makes it easy to be heard and form friendly groups to practice with techniques such as pair and group work. Small groups also breed teamwork so your classmates are as helpful in learning as the instructor.

To learn you must have fun.

The most effective way to learn is while having fun. Learning then does not become a painful task, rather it becomes an activity you look forward to. Here, instructors are friendly guides who encourage you to have fun while you learn.

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